Memorial Plaza is seen from above on a sunny day. Dozens of oak trees fill the Plaza with a vivid green. These trees surround the two reflecting pools where the North and South towers once stood. Between the large, square pools is the Museum’s glass and steel pavilion.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

Sponsor a Cobblestone

Honoring the lives of those who were lost is at the heart of our mission. Occupying eight of the 16 acres at the World Trade Center, the Memorial is a tribute to the past and a place of hope for the future. 

Sponsor a Cobblestone

Cobblestone sponsorship provides an opportunity for any person or organization to sponsor a permanent piece of the Memorial plaza individually or as a gift. Cobblestones line the eight-acre plaza of the Memorial. The stones also create a pathway through the 9/11 Memorial Glade, a tribute to the rescue and recovery effort and everyone who is sick or has died from 9/11-related illness.

With a gift of $100 or more, you can dedicate a cobblestone on the 9/11 Memorial in honor or in memory of individuals who have been directly impacted by COVID-19—whether victims, survivors, or frontline workers. Generations of visitors will be able to locate your stone using the name finder or a kiosk on the Memorial.

While individual cobblestones will not be inscribed, your name will appear on our website, recognizing your generosity.

Your $100 donation will sponsor a cobblestone located on the paths of the Memorial plaza, a beautifully landscaped space surrounding the Memorial pools.

Your $250 donation will sponsor a cobblestone located on the 9/11 Memorial Glade, a special tribute on the Memorial dedicated in honor of the first responders, survivors, workers, and residents who were exposed to hazards and toxins in the air at and around the World Trade Center site, resulting in chronic illnesses and the deaths of thousands.

Your $500 donation will sponsor a cobblestone located on the pathway at the center of the Glade, which roughly stands where the primary ramp that was used during the rescue and recovery effort once stood.

Your $1,000 donation will sponsor one of the granite pavers that creates elegant walkways leading to the Memorial.

Your generous contribution of $2,500 will sponsor a paver stone on the 9/11 Memorial Glade pathway which is flanked by six large stone monoliths, ranging from 13 to 18 tons, that are inlaid with World Trade Center steel and accompanied by an inscription at either end of the pathway.

Amount to Donate

Generous support of cobblestones on the 9/11 Memorial Glade has been provided by ScottsMiracle-Gro in recognition of those affected by COVID-19, including 9/11 rescue and recovery workers, first responders, medical professionals, grocery workers, truck drivers, and all other essential workers who served on the frontlines of our nation’s response to Covid-19 pandemic. 

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A man holds a boy as the two observe an object out of view in Foundation Hall. The two of them are framed by a piece of bent structural beam from the World Trade Center.

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An array of hand-crafted Stars of Hope decorate a fence near the 9/11 Memorial plaza.  The stars bear messages such "Peace," "Keep the Faith," and "Love Wins."

The 5K Run/Walk, annual benefit dinner, and Summit on Security offer excellent opportunities to join our family of supporters.

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